Saturday, February 16, 2013

Podcast: A Trip to the National Gallery of Art

This week's podcast features an interview with Meshari Alkhuzaee about our field trip to the National Gallery of Art.

Transcript of the Interview

NL: This is Nina Liakos with the third 001 podcast. Today I’m speaking with your classmate, Meshari Alkhuzaee. Thanks for helping with the podcast, Meshari.
MK: Hi Mrs. Liakos. I'm glad to talk to you.
NL: This week, we went to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Your assignment was to describe a painting. We looked at a lot of paintings of different places and people. You took pictures of paintings that you liked. The next day in the lab, you started to write a paragraph describing your painting. Meshari, did you enjoy the field trip?
MK: Yes, I did. It was a good day with my teachers and my classmates.
NL: What did you like the most?
MK: I liked everything in the museum. It was an interesting day.
NL: Was it difficult to choose a painting to describe?
MK: Yes, it was difficult to choose a specific picture because there are  a lot of pictures, and all of them are beautiful.
NL: Which painting did you finally choose?
MK: I chose Claude Monet's Sainte-Adresse.
NL: Why did you choose that painting?
MK: Because when I looked at this picture, I remembered my hometown, Jeddah.
NL: What was it in the painting that reminded you of your home town?
MK: The painting shows fishing boats on a beach. When I was young, my family lived near the sea. 
NL: After we looked at the paintings and took photos, we had lunch in the National Gallery cafeteria. What did you have for lunch, Meshari?
MK: I had white rice and a piece of fish.
NL: How was it?
MK: It was delicious. I liked it a lot.
NL: Would you like to go back to the National Gallery some day?
MK: Yes, I would like to go back to the National Gallery with my family.
NL: Thank you very much for speaking with me today!
MK: You are welcome. I appreciate the opportunity.

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