Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pronouns and Contractions

Today, we learned the subject pronouns with forms of be. We made sentences like 

"I have 2 brothers. They are students."  and
"I have a sister. She is married." and
"We are students."

Review the present forms of be (am, is, arewith Jennifer and Natasha:

Review the subject pronouns and the verb be with Jennifer and Natasha:

You can review the contractions with LearnAmericanEnglish here. This teacher speaks very slowly and clearly.


  1. Reading Unit 3 packet (The 100 Words): Do exercises 5 and 6. 
  2. Read the story, "The Lion and the Mouse." Underline new words. Write up to 4 new words on the lines below the story. Write the meanings in English or Arabic.
  3. Study the 100 words on Spelling City. They will be on the quiz next Wednesday. Also on the quiz: Basic English Grammar Chapter 1: "Using Be."

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