Monday, January 14, 2013

The Alphabet and Spelling City

Today, we learned about letters and sounds, capital (upper case) and small (lower case) letters, vowels and consonants. Watch this video (Lesson 7) to review the alphabet. Lesson 8 is about writing capital and small letters. Lesson 9 reviews the alphabet and also talks about spelling.

Today, we also practiced reading, saying, and spelling the 100 most common words in English. Memorize these words! You can practice them at Vocabulary and Spelling City. Click on Find a List. Enter the search term nliakos. Choose Search by Username. Click on Search. This takes you to my home page. Under Vocabulary and Spelling Lists, Click on >001. There are 2 lists. Practice both of them. Click on each word. You will hear

  • the word
  • the spelling
  • the word in a sentence
  • the word again

Then play some games to practice. Choose these games:

  • Missing Letter (very easy!)
  • Word Unscramble (good for learning spelling!)
  • Audio Word Match (helps your memory)
  • Word Search 
  • Hang Mouse
When you are ready, do Spelling TestMe.

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