Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Questions with BE

Yesterday and today, we learned to make questions with the verb BE. We learned 2 kinds of questions:
  1. Yes/No questions, like Is Alaa from Kuwait? (No, she isn't.)
  2. Information questions, like Where is Alaa from? (She's from Saudi Arabia.)
We learned to make short answers to yes/no questions (Yes, she is. or No, she isn't.).

Review questions with BE here (4 minutes) and here (9 minutes). 


We like to ask people, "Where are you from?" In this Real English video, watch and listen as people answer this question.

Finally, learn or review numbers in English with these videos:

  1. Lesson 12: Counting from 0 to 10
  2. Lesson 13: How many?
  3. Lesson 14: Counting from 10 to 20
  4. Lesson 15: Counting from 20 to 100
  5. Lesson 16: Hundred, Thousand, and Million 

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